PPP Investment Opportunities

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PPP investment opportunities within the energy sector

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

PPP investment opportunities within the transport sector

Opportunities are available for the construction, upgrading, rehabilitation, and maintenance of roads and bridges. The country has a total road network of 92,000km which is owned by  the following entities:

  • The District Development Fund has 23,784km (26%),
  • Department of Roads (DoR) has 17,243km (19%),
  • Rural District Councils have 36,144km (39%),
  • Urban Councils 10,281km (11%), and
  • Other unclassified owners 4,214km (5%)

Of this road network, according to type, 18% is sealed, 47% is gravel, 29% is earth whilst the remainder of 4% is unclassified.  The road network can also be classified by purpose as follows:

  • Primary roads (8%)
  • Regional roads (3%)
  • Secondary roads (15%)
  • Tertiary access roads (26%)
  • Tertiary feeder roads (29%)
  • Urban (10%)
  • Others (unclassified) (9%)

Most of the road network has deteriorated with 24% of the road in poor condition, 49% fair, 16% good, and 11% unclassified.  

Specific roads and bridges identified and available for prospective counter parties are available on our website,  www.zidaivest.com under resources/downloads.

NRZ operates a rail network stretching 2,760 km across Zimbabwe, reaching out to almost all the areas with key economic activities. The network is strategically located to link neighboring countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, and Zambia and provides a vital link between the landlocked countries north of Zambia such as the Democratic Republic of Congo with seaports in South Africa and Mozambique.

NRZ has a fleet of 141 locomotives of which on average 47 (both mainline and shunt locomotives) are in service and out of 5 811 wagons owned, 3 065 are in service though well beyond their design life.

There is potential for the NRZ to grow the current volumes of freight cargo if the entity is capacitated through the injection of new locomotives and wagons to improve its service delivery, given that 60% of rail-friendly freight traffic moving by road can be captured back to rail.

There are other opportunities in railway network expansion that connect missing links such as the 50 km link from the Dinson Iron and Steel Plant in Manhize to Mvuma mainline connecting Zimbabwe and Mozambique Beira Port.

Opportunities under air transport lie in the upgrading and expansion of airports, recapitalisation of the national airline, the pursuit of airfreight cargo, and upgrading of handling services, among other issues. A feasibility study for the aviation industry is currently underway and will be used to guide the best option to be pursued for the aviation industry in Zimbabwe.

PPP investment opportunities within the water and agriculture sector

PPP investment opportunities within the health sector

PPP investment opportunities within the education sector

PPP investment opportunities within the housing sector