Bikita Minerals commits to sustainable growth

Bikita Minerals, a subsidiary of Sinomine Group, has demonstrated its long-term commitment to Zimbabwe through substantial investments in the country. 

Zimbabwe’s mining sector plays a crucial role in the country’s economy, attracting significant foreign direct investment.

“To date, more than US$200 million has been invested (by Bikita Minerals) towards exploration work, mine expansion and other strategic projects (in the country),” confirmed managing director Xuedong Gong.

He outlined the company’s multifaceted expansion strategy, which includes the development of new mining areas and the construction of a state-of-the-art tailings storage facility.

“The new facility was designed to handle mine waste materials for the next 20 years and any future expansions the mine may embark on,” he explained.

A significant US$200 million investment has fueled the construction of new plants, significantly boosting production capacity.

“The Gravity separation plant is expected to produce 300 000 tons of petalite annually, while the Flotation plant is expected to produce 270 000 tons of high-quality chemical grade spodumene concentrate annually,” Gong detailed.

Bikita Minerals champions sustainable practices with a focus on renewable energy and reliable power supply. The company completed a 12 MW photovoltaic solar plant in 2024 and played a pivotal role in the construction of the US$22 million Tokwe-Bikita powerline.

“By harnessing solar power, Bikita Minerals contributes to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promotes sustainable energy sources,” Gong emphasized.

Corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of the company’s operations in Zimbabwe. In 2023 alone, Bikita Minerals invested over US$25 million in community initiatives, including borehole drilling, skills development, road maintenance, school programs, and health clinic support.

Gong also confirmed the company’s pledge of US$14 million for works at Birchenough Bridge.

“Our commitment to corporate social investment reflects the dedication to creating positive impacts beyond mining operations,” he affirmed.

Looking ahead, Bikita Minerals has ambitious plans to establish a smelter for further lithium concentrate beneficiation.

“Feasibility studies are ongoing, establishment plan is on the cards. Key deliverables are optimized extraction, improved beneficiation, and economic growth,” Gong stated.

Gong praised ZIDA for creating a conducive investment environment in Zimbabwe.

“The current ZIDA license is from August 2022. ZIDA has served as a one-stop-shop for Bikita Minerals,” he said, highlighting the agency’s support in streamlining processes and eliminating bureaucracy.

Bikita Minerals operates with a strong sustainability focus encompassing compliance, resource management, environmental impact mitigation, and community engagement.

“At Bikita Minerals, we recognize that responsible mining involves not only economic success but also social and environmental stewardship,” Gong asserted.

This all comes as Harare has been actively promoting policies to encourage further development of the sector. Despite challenges such as infrastructure constraints and regulatory complexities, the growing focus on sustainable and responsible mining practices offers opportunities for companies like Bikita Minerals to position themselves as leaders in the industry.


Author of article: Omega Ukama

Business Reporter