ZIDA is here to help guide your investment journey

ZIDA can assist local and foreign investors to conceptualise, start and grow their investments in the country by providing information, site visits, and administrative support throughout the investment lifecycle.


Advice & Information about Zimbabwe

1. General investment: this is where you wish to start a private business in Zimbabwe. You can own 100% of your business get your investment off the ground.

2. Public Private Partnership: this is where you wish to partner the Government, a local authority, or a state-owned enterprise to run a business.

3. Special Economic Zone: ZIDA designates and regulates Special Economic Zones (SEZs). You can apply to develop an SEZ, operate an SEZ, or run a business in an SEZ.


Support to set up your business

Getting your business licensed is quick and easy. ZIDA issues investment licenses within 7 working days.

Our dedicated One Stop Investment Services Centre (OSISC) is here to help you. With officials representing 12 different Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, you will get guidance on how to acquire all the licenses and permits you need to run your business.


Support to grow your business

Should you come across a hurdle, our Aftercare service is here to help. It works with the One Stop Investment Services Centre (OSISC) to make sure you get guidance and quick resolution of challenges.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation unit is here to help companies realise their plans. Our officers connect with you periodically to see how far you have come in rolling out your investment plans. They are quick to spot any challenges you may be facing and are ready to help resolve them.


Connecting you to Zimbabwe

Get connected to local business players through business associations or directly through our matchmaking platforms.