ZIDA's Mining Matchmaking Platform

You have the option to register as a Claim Holder or an Investor. Click on the tabs below to learn more. 

Claim Holder FAQs

The platform is developed to connect mining claim holders in Zimbabwe with both local and international investors. It facilitates partnerships for technical assistance, tributary partnership, joint venture partnership, debt funding, or finding a buyer for mining claims.

The platform is open to all mining claim holders in Zimbabwe, including individuals, companies, or syndicates, regardless of their scale of operation.

Claim holders need to scan and upload identification documents, claim registration certificate, valid inspection certificate, and a site map. 

Once registered, ZIDA will market the claims on the platform to potential investors. The platform serves as a bridge, allowing mining claim holders to specify the type of assistance they are seeking and connect with investors interested in those opportunities.

  1. Increased access to potential investors: Creates an opportunity for claim holders to connect with potential investors from all over the world. 
  2. Increased visibility for mining claims: Profiles the mining claims, making them more attractive to investors. 
  3. Increased efficiency: Streamlines the process of finding investors for mining claims, saving claim holders time and money. 

Investor FAQs

This is a platform that allows investors to connect with holders of mining claims in Zimbabwe and express their interest in connecting and investing in them. 

The platform is open to both local and international investors.

  • Bank Statement (3 Months) and/or Latest Financial Statements (not older than 12 months)
  • For individual – National ID
  • For Company – Company Bank Statement

After expressing interest in a mining claim, approved investors will receive further details to contact and negotiate with the identified claim holders on a one-on-one basis, subject to claim availability. This direct interaction allows investors to discuss investment terms, agreements, and any additional details with the claim holder to facilitate a potential investment.